About Gusto

Gusto is your taste of classic Rome in Jacksonville, Florida. Authentic old world Roman dishes prepared by skilled Italian chefs guarantees a delicious experience you won’t soon forget.

Our owners, Walter Bianchi and Tonino DiBella, are business partners, close friends and connoisseurs of classically prepared Roman food.

They met in 1997 when Walter moved to Jacksonville​. He immediately sought out an adult team that would allow him to pursue his lifelong passion for what Pele called, “The Beautiful Game,”​ soccer. Tonino was a player / manager for the Tonino’s Azzurri team. Walter played with Tonino’s teams in the Over 30 league until age ​forced him to move to the Over 40 league, ​​a​nd then, alas, to​ the Over 50​ league where he still plays.

The friendship between Walter and Tonino is rooted in their love of their home country, its culture, its food and its drink. It is this love that inspired Gusto.

Executive Chef Tonino DiBella made his debut on the Jacksonville food scene in 1986 with the opening of his first restaurant in Jacksonville Beach. Since then, he has opened several successful Italian restaurants throughout Jacksonville, including Tonino’s Italian, Tonino’s Trattoria, Amici Bistro and Mangia Bistro.

Chef Tonino’s commitment to traditional Roman cuisine prepared by hand with the freshest local ingredients available is the hallmark of Gusto Jax.

It is with the highest honor that Chef Tonino DiBella brings Gusto Jax to Jacksonville Beach. He invites you to join him at Gusto, feast on his lifelong favorite Italian dishes, and experience the true taste and atmosphere of old world Rome.

Co-owner and Business Manager Walter Bianchi has been a Jacksonville executive and business owner for almost 20 years. He has extensive experience in corporate banking, finance, real estate and mortgages, and owns a successful mortgage brokerage business serving the states of Florida and California.

Mr Bianchi is proficient in Spanish, French and Czech, and fluent in English and of course, Italian. But most importantly, he is is a lifelong lover of classic Roman food paired with exquisite Italian wines. Gusto Jax is his dream and his passion. It is his pleasure to bring his favorite old world Italian foods and warm standard for ambience and guest service to Jacksonville.

Gusto is open daily, with a carefully stocked bar, open viewing pizza kitchen, handmade desserts and a full lunch and dinner menu cultivated over generations by our Italian family. Full service catering for your special events will be available beginning late-summer, 2015.

Come, join us, and fall in love with the classic Roman experience that is Gusto.

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